Friday, November 20, 2015

Menu for 2015 Luncheon & Author Talk

It's come to our attention that some people have been discouraged from attending the luncheon because they don't like sushi --> fear not, dear colleagues and guests!! Here is the full buffet menu, and it is far from being just sushi :)

360 Taiko Sushi & Lounge
47 S Ocean Ave Patchogue N Y 11772
Phone :6312076888

 Kitchen Appetizer
Green Salad- with ginger dressing
Edamame- (Japanese soy beans)
Gyoza- (park or veg ) & Shumai (shrimp) Japanese Dumplings
Rock Shrimp Tempura- (Baby Panko shrimp served with sweet chili mayo sauce )
Crispy Calamari-(served with mango sasa sauce)

Sushi Bar Appetizer
Toro Cappaccio-(seared toro wrapped in spicy kani ,served with wasabi dressing)
Salmon Tataki -(seared salmon served with orange yuzu dressing)
Grenade-(Deep Fried spicy tuna with waton skin wrapped and served with guacamole and apple mayo)

Main Entrees
Signature Rolls Mix With Cut Rolls
Chicken And Beef Teriyaki
Veg Fried Rice
Veg Yaki Udon